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X marks the spot

If you want to turn, carve and cutback better, you need to figure When and Where to do it.  Not just how to do it.


The transition from Inside rail to Outside rail is neccessary to turn a surfboard on the face of the wave.  

First draw a line from where she comes up from the bottom to the top of the spray, then draw another line from the top curl to the end of her board.  You should then be able to see the "X" where it marks the spot of the transition.  


Again line going up from the bottom to top of the spray.  Line going from top of curl to back of board.  Where the line coincide, that is the critical moment to carve or turn. 


Down , Up and Around.   In to Out.   Closed to Open.  Transition from Inside rail to Outside rail. 


It is not a fool proof system,  but try to see if you can tell where the "X" is ?  


Even I had a hard time with this photo, so I too am guessing myself.  There's two top curl lines.  


This photo was a lot easier to figure out.  


This photo, I'm not going to even try.  Let's just call it a "S" not an "X" marks the spot.  


Most of you know how to turn. 

1) Using your eyes, arms, shoulders/torso, core, knees, etc. 

2) Having your back foot over the fin(s)


But WHERE to turn and WHEN to turn separates the advance surfer from the beginner-intermediates.  


Are you transitioning too early ?  Too late ?   or not at all ?  Check where the X marks the spot.


please check out Philippine Surf Report on FB to see more.    






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