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OTL - Off The Lip

When you hear "Off the Lip" do you envision a big snap and huge spray coming off the bottom of a shortboard ? 


But in actuality,  any board Short or Long can do a "Off the Lip".  


Here a longboarder, eyes the oncoming curl.  He angles in his rail and uses his back hand as a pivot point in the wave.  

Bodyline strong from deck to head.


He hits the lip up high where the wave is thinner ( but not too high ). 

He matches power against power.  


Remember I said "not too high" ?  Sometimes if you turn too late or go too high,  you go to the backside of the wave.  Some surfers purposely do that to do "floaters" ( but we're not talking about that now )

In this situation the lip doesn't help redirect the surfboard back down.  


Surfer sees the lip or the wave stand up.  Right now she is twisting into the wave's face.


She turns off the edge off the wave ( it's not a big wave, but it's there ).  Spray still coming off the outside rail.


The transfer from outside rail to flat bottom to inside rail happens.   Notice the spray now coming off the opposite rail.  


She brings the nose around even more, but then the wave fattens up and there's not much more anyone could do.  


Rider almost does a pop up onto the lip as he started high on the wave face already.


Not a big lip and it's crumbling.


But he keeps his head over his butt which is over the deck.  


and he rides out of the OTL and continues on the wave.  


Shortboard or Longboard,  it's about timing and placement to do OTL's.   Most of the waves we surf are not perfect clean faces.  They're usually chopped up crumbly lips and reforms.  That's why you need to learn to do OTLs .  Don't be afraid to utilize the free energy the wave is giving you to help you turn.    And a lot about making a OTL is CONFIDENCE.  You got to believe you can make it.  If you are scared or stiff, you probably won't. 


Please check out Eason's Photography on FB to see more.




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