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Noseriding is a Dance

Noseriding (and Surfing) is a Dance.  A dance with your partner the wave.


Beautiful noseride.  Just pure glide, floating/flying across the wave.   But how did she get to this point ? 


Getting out onto the shoulder, she cuts back to COME back to the power of the wave near the curl. 

Eyes still looking down the line.  Front arm opens up.  


Comes back around and sets the inside rail again.  From arms swing back to twist back the torso/body to go back frontside.


At the right moment, she stalls the board to slow down, lock the tail down and create a foamy pillow to lay the nose down on.  

She is only on one foot during the cross step, but she still keeps a strong balanced bodyline from head to toe.  


She can now uncross her front foot to get to the nose.  

Yellow arrow point to the "Slice".

Magenta arrow points to the "Lock" on the tail. 

Body weights starts to push down.  


The curl of the wave is fully wrapping over most of the deck.  Weight mainly over the back foot, inline with the head and butt. 

She is calm and composed, enjoying the glide.  

All the leg work ( literally ) done before hand, is rewarded with a great noseride.  


Noseriding is a Dance.   A Dance with the wave.  Your surfboard is like a musical instrument that (can) makes beautiful music.   There is a Beat to listen and dance to.  When to turn, when to stall, when to speed up.  Sometimes the waves says step to the nose, sometimes it says take one step and one step back.  


It's been said there are two types of people in this world, those who dance and those who don't dance.  

Do you dance on your surfboard ?  


please check out  to see more.  



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