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Don't sit and surf

A favorite childhood riding toy was called SIT AND SPIN.  But for surfing and cutting back / frontside turns,  DO NOT SIT.


Call it "Sitting", "Squatting" or "Poo-stance",  what ever just don't surf this way.  


Head gets past the rail / edge of the surfboard.

Butt has to stick out to counter balance.

Bodyline is not inline with the angle of the deck.  


She gets her head back over her feet but still a bit squatted. 


When she tries to turn away from the face of the wave, she automatically goes back to her bad habit, which is squatting / sitting.  

Hand bracing off and invisible wall.


Head is over the feet, but butt is past the rail. 

Eyes looking down. 

Hand bracing off an invisible wall.

Trying to turn from the middle of the board.  (Which leads to both toes coming off the deck )

Squatting / Sitting in itself is not bad, it is a unconscious reaction to other problems.  


"Hey !  This guy is Squatting.  His toe is coming up. That must be bad ?"    Answer is .............. NO.   He is not squatting. He is compressing into the turn.   His front arm drops and butt gets low to create a pivot point for the board to travel around.  His toes come up to "give" power to the back foot and to let the knee pivot around more.  


She goes into the turn still sorta in the middle of the board.  But she eyes thru the turn and begins to swing the front arm to open the chest / shoulders.


Here is the big weight shift.  Front foot / toes comes up which shifts the body weight back and gives power to the back foot which is over the fin(s).   Nose comes more up out of water.


Carves thru the turns.  Up Down and Around.  She is not on a high performance sharp thin edged shortboard.  She is not going really fast. 

She is turning in the right spot of the wave.  She is turning from the right part of the board.  She is looking to where she wants to go ( where you look is where you go ).  She is smooth and working with the wave.    So she doesn't need to SIT, SQUAT or Poo-stance to turn her board.   


Look at a photo or video of yourself.  Are you in a seated position ?   Then something is wrong with your technique or stance.  


Please check out   to see more.  




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