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Style Line Carve Push

Some surfers have STYLE.

Little bit of a Stylish Drop-Knee turn out on the shoulder.


Stylish surfers draw nice LINES across the wave.  


They angle and lean their board to CARVE through the surface to create those LINES. 


But some surfers have that extra PUSH that they add to the CARVE. 


Surfer really pushing through the tail with his back foot.  Back arms really comes across the chest to create even more torque.  


Now at the maxium apex of the turn, it's time to draw the board back in.


Rider rolls back onto the flat bottom after being on rail.  The curl behind him will be there to help push him back up as he transition back to the inside rail.  


Once you get the Basics down, you can start to add a bit of your own Style.  You can start to Push the tail even more and more harder.  You can start to do you Carves in more critical and faster points on the wave.  


Go back to each photo and focus on only one thing.  Just the bottom of the board,  just the right hand,  just the angle of the knee,  just the spray.   What does it tell you about Style, Line, Push and Carves ?


Please check out Eason Photography on FB.



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