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The move every beginner-intermediate needs to learn.

What's the move every beginner-intermediate needs to learn ?  The cutback ?  The snap ?  The pump ? 


NO.  It is the KICK OUT.  


The KICK OUT may seem simple, so simple you might even do it by mistake when you go up from your bottom turn and never come back down.  


But why is the KICK OUT so important ?  Because it saves time and energy. 



When you KICK OUT properly, the board is pointed and moving back to the take off point.  It saves time not needing to draw the board back to you by the leash, climb back onto the deck and paddle from a dead stop.  


If you jump off your board on the front side of the wave, you and your board will get pushed in further.  Meaning more energy spent paddling back.  


Your board usually ends up facing the other way and you have to spin it around and battle thru the turbulent white water.  It's more dangerous for you and others in the impact zone.  


So how do you KICK OUT if needed ?  You need to go UP and OVER ( with speed ).  Notice how the surfer pops the nose of the board over the lip.  


Then he compresses his body close to the board to be able to grab the deck with both hands. 

** Warning ** sometimes you will "miss" the grab and the board will smack you in the face.   


But bad things happen sometimes and there's no time to pop your board over the wave.  That's when you need to eject. 


This is in extreme cases.  You want to ALWAYS grab and control your board on the KICK OUT (as much as possible).  But sometimes it can't be helped.  

*** Warning *** Do NOT shoot out your board especially at a crowded beginner spot.  


Rider sees the wave is going to closeout. 


Tries to aim for a escape route.  


Oh oh !   Hits the eject button.    ( notice the nose is pointed sideways )


As the rider goes flying, the leash yanks back the board ( and the nose points to the beach ). 


So Learn to KICK OUT. 

Learn to turn your board from the tail, so you can turn up and out. 

Learn the wave so you know WHEN and WHERE to kick out.  

It saves Time and Energy.

It is Safer for you and for other surfers.  


It's a skill you need to master if you want to progress from being a beginner-intermediate surfer.  

Next time you surf, check out the local rippers / advance surfers .............. notice they always try to KICK OUT.

( not jump off their boards ).   


Please check out Hope Cheng on FB to see more.  










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