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Da Pump. How to create speed.

How do I go faster on my surfboard ?  Some people might say to "Pump your board".   But How ? 


Like an bicycle air pump ? Like jumping up and down ?  How ? !!


Pumping is NOT UP and DOWN.    It is Resist the wave and Relax, resist and relax, resist and relax.

( notice her body weight is forcing the board down into the wave )


Pumping is not one big singular turn, but many small SWERVES in succession.  


Do not bend down to the board, but let your legs come up to your chest.  Look at the area from head to knee.  This is the COMPRESSION phase.  


Now on the EXTENSION phase, his legs, arms, chest, whole body resists the wave's energy flowing up.  

( notice his head stayed on the same line ) 

Board moves up and down the wave, NOT the body to the board.  


I've heard some people advise to lean to one side then to the other side.  But riding flat, not on rail, won't matter.  Looking down, won't matter.  Standing in the middle of the board, won't matter.  Hands bracing, not leading the turn, won't matter if you lean to one side and then the other side.  


You will just dig a rail and get thrown off your board.  Her expression says " I wonder if leaning was good advice ? "


Pumping takes technique.  Pumping takes knowledge of the wave.  Pumping takes timing. 

Go Suzuki is on his inside rail, on the tail of his board, body twisting into the wave. 


Then rolls to the outside tail, body twist away from the face.  In a micro second he will be back on the inside rail again. Swerve, Swerve, Swerve.  Zig-Zag Zig-Zag.  Displace water one side.  Displace water on the other side.


It is really really hard to find photos of surfers pumping their board because it's usually just a set up move for the big action.  

But here is the best photo I've found:


Full Full extension.  Resisting the wave with every inch of his body.  He is on the knife edge right in front of the curl. 


Then he compresses and the board flows up and out to the clear face.  


Pumping is an advance technique.  Beginners will get more confused and get opposite results if they don't perform the pump correctly.  My advice for beginners is to first LEARN TRIM.  Then after you learn trim, you can break trim to fall up and push down on the wave...................  and that is what PUMPING is.  


Please check out and Hope Cheng on FB to see more.  

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