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Trouble turning backside

"How can I turn backside, it's so hard to do."     Well then, don't make it any harder on yourself than it already is.  


A LOCKED FRONT ARM blocks your chin, which restricts the amount you can look to the left.

( Where you look, is where you go.   The more you can look, the more you can turn )

A LOCKED FRONT ARM prevents your upper body from twisting into the face of the wave. 

When you can not twist into the wave,  you unconsciously LEAN.  Butt gets past the rail and foot comes off the deck.


Again,  no twist means only just lean.  Front foot comes off the deck.  Back hand is bracing not coming across the chest.  He is looking down the line good, but his chin on his shoulder shows he is not twisting open to the wave.  


Front arm showing Right even though he is looking Left.

( Back hand is actually pointing back to the Right) 


Front and back arm going the opposite way of the turn.  Board is riding flat, stalling down the wave.  He is leaned back on the tail, NOT the rail.  


OH NO ! Is his front arm locked to the body ?  No, it is not.

Front arm is coiling up like a pitcher winding up on the mound.  


Front arm swings forward, opening up the shoulder, chest and belly button to the wave's face.

Back arm comes around to assist the rotation.  

Spray comes off the outside rail as he turns and leans at the same time.  


His hands switch positions mid way up the face to twist the body and rip the board back down.  

Back foot all the way back on is traction pad.  


Leading with the Elbow is bad too.   But notice where the back arm is ?  It's behind his back.  It goes there unconsciously to catch him falling back.   It's hard to turn his board because he is trying to turn from the middle of the board.  


Here is a bit of HAND STEERING.  But again, leading with the elbow.  No twist of the waist.  


He coils up as his back arm comes across.  He front arm was already forward and getting ready to .......


come back around and twist the upper body back the right.  Notice the spray now coming off the inside rail.  


Turning BACKSIDE is neccessary to good surfing.  Sooner or later you need to turn the opposite way. If you get good at a Backside Bottom turn, it will improve your Frontside Cutbacks.  


So make sure to not to:

1) Lock your front arm to the body

2) Lead with the Elbow 

3) Have a closed stance like the front foot at 3 o'clock. ( Place your toes at 1-2 o'clock ) 

4) Just Lean.   ( Lean AND turn together at the same time )  


Please check out Hope Cheng on FB to see more.   









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