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How to Noseride. No Lock, No Noseride.

Every longboarder wants to "get to the nose".  But How do you get there ? 


Cross Stepping ??   Yes, but even BEFORE you take a step you need the LOCK.  


The LOCK is the crashing lip of the wave holding down the tail of the board so you can go to the front.  


Just like riding a See Saw, if you are on one end, you need someone ( or something ) on the other end to counter weight.  


The LOCK rolling up and over the deck, allows you to walk to the opposite end of the surfboard.  


Which then you can perform a "Hang Ten".  ( almost looks like she's walking on water ) 


The better you :

1) can control your board. ( cross-stepping, rail loading, stalling, etc. ) 

2) have knowledge of the wave.

3) can have patience to wait for the LOCK and not be rushed.  


All that will put you and the board in the proper place on the wave to noseride.  Stronger and Deeper the LOCK, the more it allows you to hang on the nose.  


If you :

1) Don't position your feet properly.

2) Don't cross-step correctly.

3) Don't Engage the rail.  ( notice board is angled away from the face )

4) Walk before the wave LOCKS the tail down.  

It will be hard to noseride.


1) Strong LOCK holding down the tail. 

2) Slice / sheering the face of the wave.

3) Spray coming off the outside rail only.

4) Smooth cross-steps

5) Arms pressuring the body weight down to force the board into the wave. 

6) Board not too far forward or too far back into the wave, but right there.  


All the set up work pays off with a nice noseride.  


You don't need a big wave to LOCK down the tail,  but you need the right wave.   You need to listen to the wave, to the beat of it's music.   

Some say Surfing is a dance, and noseriding definitely needs style, grace and technique to make it look easy. 


So before you even go to the nose,  you need to first LOCK down the tail.   


Surfing sometimes is Not a Solitary sport.   IT TAKES TWO to noseride.   YOU on one end of the board and the WAVE on the other end LOCKing down the tail.  Noseriding, like riding a See-Saw is no fun by yourself.  


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