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What's a good board ?

"What's a good surfboard ?"   "Is this a good board for me ?"  "What board noserides the best ?"  


To answer those questions, let's ask the same type of question but in another sport.   

What's a good baseball bat ?   Which baseball bat is easy to swing yet can do Home Runs ?


What is the best brand Tennis Racquet or best brand Golf Clubs ?   ( it doesn't really matter if you don't make contact with the ball, right ? ) 



What if I buy the top of the line computer or the most expensive paint brush,  does that automatically turn me into a great artist ?  

They have no potential on their own without the "user".  


Who makes the best motorcycle ?   Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki ?   Bmw or Ducati ? Which of those motorcycles goes fast ?  ( ahhh........ they all do )  Is a Harley-Davidson made in the USA better than a Honda made in Japan ?  


So does buying a "Good" board make you a better surfer ?   Like they say, "a good surfer can ride "any" board and make it look good."   But will getting a good board make a bad surfer any better ? 


You see good surfers with a lot of sponsor decals on their boards.  Is it because good surfers want to ride that brand board OR Board makers/brands want good surfers to ride their boards ?     


What about Noserider boards ?  If you want a specific board for Noseriding with a wide nose, flat entry rocker with a lot of tail kick, and a big single fin,  will that automatically get you to the nose ?  ( Better to be able to first get to the nose on a All-Around shape THEN get a noserider specific board later ) 


If you can not cross-step ( meaning you shuffle your feet ),  then it won't matter what type of board you get.  


If you don't have the technique, patience and knowledge of the wave to get the tail to LOCK down, it won't matter if you have a Noserider design or not.  


I've seen kids on the Westside of Oahu, with one of three fins missing,  hole through the deck and surfing in cut off jeans because they don't have board shorts............... but they still rip.  

Here is a ripper kid in the Philippines,  boards been broken in half and put back together.  Is that holding him back ?  


Maybe they don't have access to top of the line board makers/manufacturers, but they still surf unreal.  It's not WHERE they got the Arrow from, it's what they DO with the Arrow.  


So will getting a "GOOD" board help you to improve as a beginner surfer ?   Maybe, maybe not.  It will cost more though.    And what is "good"  anyways ?

1)   Faster, Lighter ? 

2)   More durable  ?

2 )  easy to paddle, easy to catch waves ?  


Think about it,  No board maker makes a board that is NOT easy to paddle.  Surfboards are like tools.  Will a $1 store screwdriver not turn a screw as easy as a Craftsman or Snap-on tool screwdriver in an emergency ?  ( But sure, the brand name tool will probably last longer )


When buying a board you can choose two of the three:   LIGHT, STRONG or CHEAP


If the board is Strong and Cheap,  it won't be LIGHT.

If the board is Light and Cheap,  it won't be STRONG.

If the board is Light and Strong,  it won't be CHEAP. 


There was an old Nike ad referring to why Michael Jordan was so good at playing basketball.  The reason was " It must be the (Nike) shoes ! "     ( interesting fact is MJ, wore and liked Adidas and wanted to sign with them first ) 

It has been said good surfers like Kelly Slater can surf a door ( and he has ).  


It's your choice if you want to spend the extra money to get a "good" board.  But let me ask you, would your rather see a guy walk down the beach with fancy brand name board and yet can't surf well or a guy come out with a Wavestorm spongeboard and tear  the waves up ?  


Please check out Philippine Surf Report and Matsunosuke Kugenuma on FB and  to see more.  




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