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Surfer Girl

A long time ago when I first started surfing it was Shortboard Boy, Longboard Oldman and Bodyboard Girl.  That was the 3 fixed categories.  But things have changed.  


And changed they have !!   Fins outs tail snap.  Power, Grace and Beauty.  


Smaller wave yet still strong bodyline from deck through top of the head.


Tight Carve back to the pocket.  


Even on a bigger board, Girls can use their grace and smooth steps to move/control the board.  Even taking a steep drop, she shows grace and confidence.  


Longer boards means you need to position yourself better on the board / wave to turn.  


And girls with there superior flexibility, can pull some unreal moves in tighter spaces.  


Some say girls have a lower center of gravity.  If that's true, that's a good thing to help your bottom turns.  


It's said girls think things out more than guys who just rush to do things.  


Here you can almost see what's going through her mind.  ( she's probably going to do a back side off the lip )


This is just straight up good surfing.  Fin out, hard angles, full usage of the wave up, down, left, right.  Speed, Power, Flow ( and Grace ).  


These girls may not have the top of the line boards, but they rip.  And they love surfing, doesn't matter girl or guy, young or old, long board or shortboard ( or bodyboard ), that's the way it should be.  


Please check out Philippine Surf Report and Hope Cheng on FB to see more ( surfer girls ).  




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