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Advice for Beginner surfers

So you are ready to go surfing huh ? 

Finished with your 1st surfing lesson ( hopefully you took one ).

Got your Board ( longboard 3 feet over your head ). 

Got your Rashguard ( some reefy places you might need boots). 

Got your Sun screen ( but don't put on your thighs, makes the board slippery ).

You promise to try stay out of peoples way and have good wave etiquette/manners. 


So you will be fine right ?  Nope,  surfing may be fun, but there are some dangers involved.


People who can't control their board ( maybe like yourself ), may shoot the board into you.   Board dings can be repaired but Flesh and Bones take time to heal.   What other sports has sharp fiberglass blades attached to the  vehicles ? ( other than Ben Hur chariot racing ) 


Even in small mellow waves, you can get a smashed toe or rail to the shin.   Ouch. 


Of course everyone tries not to hit others.  But sometimes the things you do to AVOID hitting others actually CAUSES you to run into them.   Sometimes it is best to stay straight on your board. Trying to turn when you can't might shoot the board out.  Don't look at the person you don't want to hit, look to the escape route.  Where you look is where you go ( or actually the board goes ). 


That's why it's important you learn how to turn ( later on ), not so you can do cutbacks, but so you can avoid crashing into others.


Learn where to be and where not to be.  If there's 10 shortboarders out and you are the only longboarder at the take off point, you most likely will get in their way.  Find spots with surfers of similar ability and board as you.  


Here she shoots her board right into another surfer on the pop up.  Probably causing both boards to run over the shortboarder.  


*Note*  If you find yourself constantly being "sprayed" by other surfers you might be in the wrong spot.  But luckily it's only water that's hitting you.  Just becareful cause one time it may be some "half-good" surfer trying to cutback who can't really turn.   Don't take your chances, move to a safer spot.  


Girl in white - Look down go down ( or straight into others )

Shirtless guy - has know idea what's happening behind him, but he's going for it. 

Guy in tanktop - Wanted to go for it,  but now must be surprised.

Guy in Black rashguard -  I don't know what he's doing.


Remember our stoked beginner ready to become a full on surfer ? ...............  BAM  !!!


BAM !! BAM !!!     Oh well,  we all got to start somewhere.  


Anything worthwhile takes time, and for a beginner that usually takes about 3 years to get to the intermediate stage.   At times surfing may seem like a war zone, but it's a battle worth fighting for. 


Please check out Philippines Surf Report on FB to see more.   









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