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What makes a good Noserider ?? 

1)  9'4" single fin with nose concave. Flat entry rocker and tail kick.

2)  Point break wave around 3 feet.


Really ???


This surfer looks like he's walking on water.  Is it because of his board ? The wave ?   Yes, sort of.  


The secret to a good noseride is the LOCK.   The wave crashing down over the tail/rail locking DOWN the tail. 


The tail being locked down allows you to be supported on the opposite end.  Like riding a SEE SAW with a friend.  


Look closely how water wraps over the top of the deck and rolls off the rail. 


TIMING and having the PATIENCE to wait for the tail lock, is very very important to noseriding.  Here the rider is too rushed.   Walk to the nose, don't run.  


With no lock, the water cascades under the rail NOT on top of it.  Rail floats away from the face.  No support for the rider to reach the nose.  


Do you need a Point Break like Malibu and a 3 foot wave to noseride ?   NO, here is a small knee high wave at a Beach break in Kugenuma Japan.    Nice lock and relaxed body.  


Again small wave,  but perfect execution of board and body placement.  Tail fully locked down.  


If you want to noseride,  first get familiar with your standard all-around board,  know the basics ( good paddle, strong bottom turn, setting of the rail, trimming, cross-stepping ).  Then AFTER your good at that THEN spend the money on a true purpose built noserider board.   Then you can start doing Hang Ten toes over like this guy.  


...........................but first you got to do Hang Fives.   


Please check out Matsunosuke Kugenuma on FB to see more.  










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