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Back side knock out punch

Nice sequence of a back side snap. 

Wave is too steep to cutback just yet.

Surfer eyes the lip.  "hmmm, maybe too steep ? I better wait."

Hands in the Neutral position and pressuring the board  down into the wave.


Getting out away from the curl, he initiates the turn midway up the face.

Rips the front arm back.

Torso twists into the wave. 

Back arm plants down. 


He timed the turn to meet the on-coming breaking lip.

Front arm comes back down the other away. 

Torso rotates away from the face of the wave.


Front arm now becomes the planter arm.

Back arm rips back to continue the rotation to help the tail power thru the lip.


Transition moment right after coming off the bottom.  

Front arm elbow cocked back ( like drawing back for a punch )

Back arm ready to plant.

( Can you see on the wave's face the corner he wants to turn off of ? )


Front arm not goes forward.

Back arm plants.

Turn is initiated half wave up the face.


Now he gets way back over the fins.

Front arm swing thru.

Back arm now continues the counter-clockwise rotation.

Board bottom goes flat to the wave amost at a 90 degree angle. 


Now both arms push out.

Legs staighten out 

Both arms and legs working to extend the body.

Board goes from on rail to flat bottom to let the tail slide out.


Extension to Compression.

Arms come back to help get the torso over the butt and centered over the deck. 


Hard angles, Directional Changes , Speed from a good bottom turn, Executing the move on the right portion of the wave, Body Opening / Closing / extending / Compressing,  all equal to Big Spray.   


When I see turns like that, I go " OOOHH !"   Like when a boxer hits his opponent soo hard with a knockout punch.  


Please check out Eason Photography on FB to see more.  








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