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Noseriding progression is like 2 steps forward 1 step back

When beginners want to learn to noseride or walk along the board, it's sometimes two steps forward and one step back ...... literally when it comes to cross stepping on the board. 


GOOD cross-stepping.

Back foot toes pointed at 3 o'clock crosses over the front foot.

Front foot is pointed at 1-2 o'clock.

Knees soft and bent.

Eyes up and looking to the future.

Arms pushing down.  


Here with BOTH feet pointed to the rail, knees will bump. Eyes looking down is not good either. 


Straight shot photo.  See how his Back foot ( which is now crossed in front ) is placed flat firmly, so then the Front front foot can release.   Eyes up, arms pressure down.  


Feet not planted firmly. Arms bracing and reaching for an invisible wall.  Eyes looking down.  No lock of the tail of the board.  Cross step is too rushed and unbalanced.


Beginning stance backfoot at 3 and front foot at 1,  cross step to 1 and 3, uncross to 3 and 1.  L and T, T and L, L and T.  


This is opposite.  Front foot at 3 o'clock point to the rail BLOCKS the back foot pointed at 1 o'clock trying to cross



Even if you have proper positioning of the feet, looking down and having your hands up ( before your toes wrap over the nose ) will make things difficult.


Knowing HOW to the cross step is important, but just as important is the WHERE and WHEN on the wave to cross step.  Too early, with too much rail pressure, just makes the board fight against you.  Arms going up is Un-weighting, when it should be pressuring down the board.  


Correct foot placements makes it easy to walk. 


Wingnut says " cross step, never shuffle".   But you need to cross step properly and confidently. 

Keep you head over your butt.

Keep your eyes up and out.

Cross step 9 over 11 for Goofy footers (  3 over 1 for Regular footers )

Soft bent knees.

Arms pressuring down. 

And have patience and wait for the lock before cross stepping forward.  


Please check out and Matsunosuke Kugenuma and Philippine Surf Report to see more.  








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