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I can't turn my Longboard. Should I get a shorter board ?

I get asked a lot, " If I can't turn my Longboard, should I get a shorter board ? "    The answer is " NO ".  


Let's say all the photos are of 9 foot Longboards.  Here the rider is trying to turn ALL nine feet of the board.

The rail and nose gets buried under the water and he loses speed.


Here she is way back on the tail of her board over the fin(s).  3 feet of the board is in the water, 6 feet of board is OUT of the water.  Board is now easier to pivot and turn.  


Turning from the middle of the board or infront of the fin(s) doesn't lift up the nose enough.  Again, almost all 9 feet of rail line is stuck in the water.  

( Front arm locked to the body restrict the torso from twisting.  Body is closed )


Coming off a nice bottom turn.  Back half of the board is on rail.  Board is now only 4 1/2 feet long.  

( upper body twisting into the wave's face open.  


Where you turn on the wave and where your body is on the board...... matters.  Rail line is buried almost to the nose.  

( back hand is bracing off a invisible wall and stiff ) 


By getting further back you shorten the board and "give" power to the fin(s).   


Trying to turn with improper technique, bad bodyline, from the middle of the board and the board flat ( not on rail ) will just have the board continue to go straight and you get thrown off.  


Body inline with the deck,  eyes looking thru the turn, feet in the right position over the fin(s), turn executed in the right area of the wave, speed and flow all lead to a board that's easy to turn ( and looks good too ). 


Nose not out of the water enough,  looking down,  feet too much in the middle of the board, body leaning not twisting makes the board hard to turn.  


Front of the board out of the water

Eyes looking ahead

Front arm leading thru the turn and opening the chest

Doing the maneuver on the right spot of the wave

Speed and Flow

All lead to a Longboard that is easier to turn, looks good and FUN.  


So should you get a 7'6" funboard if you can't turn your 9 foot Longboard ?   The answer is NO.  Save your money and turn the board you already own the proper way.   Just make your Longboard into a Short(er)board,  it's free to do !


Please check out Hope Cheng and Philippines Surf Reporton FB to see more.  







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