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You got a nice BODY - Line

In surfing we ride on a playing surface that's not flat.  Neither should your body be.


Good surfing, Powerful surfing, Beautiful surfing has a strong BODYLINE.   The bodyline is inline with the deck of the board.  The board is at an angle to push against the surface of the wave.    Strong line from head to toe.  


She's at a strong lean angle and her body line matches the board.  It doesn't matter where or what her arms are doing if they're working in unison to make the board turn. ( that's style )


This is NOT the same. He is falling back.  His front arm is locked to the body which blocks his upper body from twisted. The front hand is not leading thru the turn like the above photo.  So unconsciously the back hand goes up. His head is paste the rail line.  Look down go down.  


Bodyline is all over the place. Back hand up, front hand forward, front leg stiff,  back leg soft. Rocking the boat.  Board will probably hit the back of the beginners head as she leans back and she shoots the board forward. 


This surfer looks like he's falling back too, but he's just doing a classic soul arch turn.  Nice bodyline and smile.


Non-surfers might look at this photo and say " Why doesn't he fall off ?"   Speed, Flow, strong Angles, right place on the wave, position on the board and proper Bodyline, that's why.  


This cutback is Powerful yet Beautiful.  ( front hand creates a pivot point for the board to flow around )


How is your surfing ?  Jerky not smooth.  Slow getting caught by the wave not quick and working with the wave.  If your bodyline is straight up and down,  you're probably too stiff and the board is not engaging the rail to make good turns.  Get someone to film you so you can check your BODYLINE.    


please check out Philippine Surf Report on FB to see more.  

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