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Off the RIP

Other than teaching surfing technique, I also teach English in Japan.  


For Japanese speakers sometimes the R and the L gets mixed up when they try to speak in English.  


So when they say "Off the Lip", it may sound like "Off the Rip".   But that's okay and actually a good practice.  


When you're turning off the top, you WANT TO RIP your front hand back down thru the turn.  

Notice the upper body torque and twist ahead of the waist and legs.  


Even longboarders need to RIP that front hand down to get the nose to come back down.  


Surfer sites the point to turn. Front hand is in a Neutral position.


Coming off the bottom turn, he brings the front arm/hand forward. 


Then before the top, he RIPS it back down.  


Especially in small waves, you need to time and execute the movement of your arms/body perfectly.

Surfer's hand semi-neutral moving slightly forward.


Then RIPS it back, floating over the crumbly section and bringing the board back down.  


So next time you want to go "Off the Lip", remember to RIP it back down.  


Off the RIP, easy to remember isn't it ? 


please check out Matsunosuke Kugenuma on FB to see more daily surf photos



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