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Front side come back

To get better at Turning your surfboard and Cut Backs, think Come Back.   


A Cut back is a turn back to the curl.  Directional change is almost 180 degrees.   

( notice the technique to face the back hand palm outwards ) 


Coming off the bottom turn, the rider targets the point he wants to turn off of.  Body inline with the angle of the board.  ( notice the back hand back ) 


Before the top, he rips the back hand forward to twist the torso and thus the board back down.  Hand switch it's position oppositely. 


1) eyes sight the apex point

2) front arm goes forward

3) here, the back arm is acting as a pivot point ( not holding an invisible wall ) 

4) body is not bent over, but leaning inline with the board


Board comes around with the nose facing back to the wave.  Closed body to Open body.  Back hand acts as a pivot point again.  


1) Front hand leads through the turn opening the chest.

2) Eyes looking to the future.

3) Torso twisting counter clockwise.

4) Bodyline strong with the angle of the board.


But after he cuts / comes back, what will he do ?


Bang off the on-coming curl of the wave.  The meeting of energy sling shots the rider back out.  Then he can drop down and do another bottom turn. ( so you get the trill of taking off again )


Cutting back or Coming back is a tool to utilize the whole wave from shoulder to curl.  Good surfing is using the whole wave and whole board.  Inside rail to outside rail and back to the inside rail.  Good cutbacks use extreme angles and spray.  Spray is the by product of speed and water displacement.  Keep practicing / thinking come back to the wave, each time with more speed and harder angles and soon you'll be ripping those Cutbacks.  


please check out Hope Cheng on FB to see more.  




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