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Kooks and Beginners

I don't like KOOKS.  But I love Beginners.   "Wait a minute, aren't they the same thing ?", you might say.  NO, they're not. 


A first time surfing Beginner or "newbie" is eager to learn. They are also wary to not get hurt and stay out of others way.   They try to have good surfing ettiquite.  


The best time ever surfing was when you were a Beginner.  The pure smile and enjoyment catching your first waves. 


After that things get harder and more frustrating.   Crowds, trying to catch "Green" open faces rather than catching white water,  trying to turn,  trying to be part of the crew at the local break.  


When you are a beginner, you are allowed ( and expected ) to make mistakes.  You are just learning.  If you drop in on some by mistake, as a beginner they might say it's okay.   As a intermediate surfer, they might get mad.  


The word Kook is not a bad derogatory word.  It's the same thing in others sports, golf, soccer, cycling, bowling, if some would call someone " Dangerous ".   "I don't want to play next to him, he's dangerous".   That guys a Kook, he shoots out his board all the time and almost hit me !"


Beginners can be Kooks.  So can a person whose been "surfing" for many years, be a Kook.  I've seen the same Kooks at my local break for over 20 years, when I started as a beginner.   A Kook is someone who doesn't know the rules, doesn't follow the rules, doesn't have wave ettiquite, doesn't care.  They make the same wrong decisions over and over, and expect to be forgiven.   ( this kids is not a kook, this kid is Stoked !! )


It's been said there's no bad students, just bad teachers.   So if someone doesn't teach you early on the rules, you are bound to become a Kook.  ( I don't blame these surfers for breaking their boards and ankles, I blame their teacher )


So Learn the right way to surf.   Learn the rules of the ocean.   Have fun in the ocean, but also have respect for it's power.   Duke Kahanamoku said "the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun".   But if you have fun at others expense ( or pain ), then you'll be a Kook.  


please check out  to see more.   



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