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Backside surfing notes

One question I often get is " How do I surf better going backside ? "   


Some basics:

1) the more you can look, the more you can twist, the more you twist the easier it is to turn. 

2) back hand comes across the chest with the palm out. 

3) Front hand leads thru the turn

4) initiate the roll from inside rail to flat bottom before you get to the top of the wave. 

( hint:  take a picture of the wave as if there was a camera stuck to your chest )


If you front arm is locked to the body, it restricts the amount your upper body/torso can twist.   You can tell the rider is more just leaning, since the rail line is buried into the wave.  


Good back side surfing utilizes hard angles.  Rider looks like he is leaned over but his head is still inline from deck thru head.  


Good back side surfing also includes using the whole wave from curl to shoulder.  After the rider cutbacks back from the shoulder, he banks off the oncoming curl.  


Lead with the front hand, not the hip.  Here she is leading with her butt.  Back arm is counterbalancing not helping to twist the torso.  She is leaning left, not turning the board.  


Rider may look good here, eyes up and out.  Back arm seems to be coming forward.   But notice his front arm is down.  Board nose is a little too down low.  


When it comes time to go up, the front arm doesn't help to lift the nose. Left arm should be up and right shoulder should be down. Shoulder line is against the action of the board.  He need to hit the white water with the bottom of the board, not the rail.  


Another thing about back side surfing is to pressure the inside rail.......................  but not too much.  You have to know when to resist and when to relax.  


Another reason why to rwist your torso and look ahead, is to see what the wave is doing down the line.  Rider noticed the signs the wave was closing out, so he took steps to straighten out and run away from the crashing lip.  


Work on your backside surfing because it will improve you Frontside surfing.  Surfing is 50/50, you can't only go frontside all the time.  If you can improve you backside bottom turn,  your front side cutbacks will improve because of the similiar body movements.  


Please check out Hope Cheng on FB to see more.   

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