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Frontside carve to tail slide

A Front Side Carve is not just turn your board left ( if you are a regular footer ).  


The rider comes up out of his Bottom turn. You can see the transition point from inside rail to flat bottom of his board ( pink arrow ).  His Front arm drops to create a pivot point. 


Now he puts the board on the Outside rail ( left rail ) .   He is Turning and Leaning, not just one or the other.  


Fully on rail, he carves around the pivot point. Half the board is out of the water.   Back arm almost acts like a hook hanging onto the sky.


Now he has cutback so far he is facing 180 degrees from the first photo.  Inside fin is broken free of the water.  Rail line is now dug in almost to the nose.  


As the nose picks/digs into the wave, it stalls out the front of the board and lets the back swing around due to momentum.  Now the rider transfers his weight over his front foot and lays the board flat ( not on rail ) , to let the the board/tail slide.  


Sorry, no next photo, but most likely the rider let his butt sit down. Then the curl behind him would help push him ( and his board) back up, engage back on to his inside rail and go to the next move.  


Timing, Position ( on the board and on the wave ), knowing how to use the rails, tail and nose, and most important ...............  Speed and Speed control,  led to a good carve and tail slide.  


please check out Eason's photography on FB to see more great sequence shots.   


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