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crawl before you walk - Pop Up before you can surf

To get better at surfing, you need a good trim,

but before the trim you need a good bottom turn,

but before the bottom turn is a good Pop up.


Being at the right spot, Paddling correctly, getting into the wave and popping up smoothly..........


Sets up everything after, speed-power-flow.  


You may know HOW to Pop Up, but the WHEN to Pop Up and WHERE to Pop Up is just as important.  Practicing in you flat living room floor won't prepare you for the angles during take-off.  

1) Rider is too centered at the peak.  He is literally caught in the crashing lip.  

2) His knees and toes are flying up, can not push up off the deck to pop up. 


Again the rider needs to have already popped up a second earlier.  He is too far back on his board, and when he does try to pop up the wave angle will be too steep.  


Popping up late or in the white water, there is no speed, so the board bogs down.  Rider looking down and with a locked front arm does not help the situation either.  

1) notice the other rider is out on the clean face, looking down the line.  


1) Looking down

2) knee to the chest

3) one knee down on the deck

4) too small board trying to ride white water soup


Once you Pop Up and get to your feet, there's still more bad habits to work on. 

1) looking down 

2) hands bracing on a invisible wall

3) head past the rail, kicks out the butt

4) front foot pointed to the rail, should be more to the nose. 


That leads to a stiff, side eye posture.  Rider is more trying to hold on and not fall off, than actually "surfing" the board. 


Again........ "WHERE you look is WHERE you go".  Look down = GO down.   When you look at the nose your torso/head automatically leans forward.  That in turn brings up the nose.  The nose coming up stalls the board making you go slower exactly at the moment you need MORE speed.  


And when the nose comes up, you lose speed or you WHEELIE OUT and flip backwards.  You can see unconsciously her back hand reach out to keep from falling. 


If you don't have a good Pop Up  ( and before that a strong paddle ) it doesn't matter what fin set up you have or if your board is Polyester or Epoxy.   To be better at surfing you need a strong foundation of the most BASIC techniques.  Crawl before you walk, walk before you run.   If you're having a problem with speed on the wave, look back two steps to find the problem.  It could be a bad bottom turn due to a bad Pop Up.  


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