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Backside surfing

How to surf better Backside ? Some basic rules:

1) The more you can look, the more you can turn

2) "I" beam effect from the board thru the body thru the shoulders

3) Rolling from Inside rail to Flat bottom to Outside rail AND back to inside rail

4) Work with the wave


Rider cutbacks to the curl.  It looks like he is bent over, but actually his bodyline is strong from deck thru the head. 

Eyes looking to the next move.  He is not reaching out or holding a wall, he is feeling the lean angle, letting his fingers glide over the water surface.  


Coming back out on to the shoulder further down the line, he does a mid face cut.  Again strong bodyline, eyes down the line, arms rotating counter clockwise to twist the torso.  "X" indicates the turnover point went from inside rail (spray going towards the beach, to outside rail ( spray goes out towards the ocean )


Coming up out off the bottom, he eyes the lip further down the line.  He keeps his body centered and strong. Front arm reaching out and back to twist open the chest and to create a pivot point for the board to go around. 


Turn is made BEFORE reaching the top of the lip. He is compact but not hunched over to abosrb the impact.  Shoulders are almost squared to the deck.  He hits the lip as the wave hits him, matching power to power.  Sights his landing spot. 


Wave closes out and there's no where else to go.  He comes down with the lip, keeping the board flat to maximize floatation.  He doesn't go on the inside or outside rail because it would cause him to catch an edge and fall off.  He leans forward just a bit to keep the board driving down with gravity.  If he leaned back, he would lose speed and flip over backwards.  


Look at what is similar,  eyes always looking to the next move, bodyline strong with the angle of the deck,  hands/arms working to maneuver the board not to act as balancing tools, on rail not riding flat.   One thing you can't see is the Speed and Flow.  The more Speed you can utilize the easier it will be to turn your board.  The more Flow you have, the easier it will be to link your moves and cover more area on the wave.  


please check out  to see more.  




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