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What's a better fin for noseriding ? Hatchet fin or Dolphin shape fin ?

What's the best fin for noseriding ?  So many choices:

Hatchet, D-fin, Nuuhiwa, Greenough, lot of rake / no rake, lot of base / less base, Thin tip / big ball on the end, and on and on.  


Look here at the line off the water up and over the board.  Notice the tail is fully engulfed under the lip of the wave ?


It's the crashing down lip of the breaking wave that makes the counter-weight for you to be up front.  The wave is your friend on the other side of the See-Saw. 


Does it take a good size and fast breaking wave to noseride ?  No, it takes patience, timing and knowing where to be on the wave ( even on small ones ).   Notice she is getting a good "LOCK" of the wave wrapping over the deck of her board.  


Taking confident cross-steps,  not herky-jerky shuffles is neccesary to keeping the board flowing smoothly.  Water cascading off the rails.  Tail locked down.  


Where your board is on the wave is important to get a good LOCK.  But also important is where you YOURSELF are on the board.  She loads the inside rail by walking to the right of the center stringer.  Slice of the wave creating that good diagonal line flowing across the deck locking down the tail.  


And like most things in surfing, it all starts from a good Bottom Turn.   The bottom turn in essense is a Stall that you can use to set-up a noseride.


Strong lock and walk up right immediately after the bottom turn.  


So what's the best fin for noseriding ?  I don't know.  What ever fin that allows you to turn, maneuver and place the board in the proper spot on the wave and the right moment.    What is more important to noseriding is the LOCK creating by the lip of the wave that holds down the tail ( NOT the fin ).  


please check out Matsunosuke Kugenuma on FB and to see more.  



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