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Reverse Triangle pop up

Last week we talk about the "Forward Triangle" not being a good thing.  So does the opposite, the Reverse Triangle, work better ? 


Getting your head over your back foot, creates the Reverse Triangle stance.  Most of the body weight / pressure is over the back foot.   Good ? Bad ? 


Your foot should be over the fins more near to the tail of the board WHEN you are TURNING.  If you are taking the drop, you don't necessarily need that much pressure.   Better to be in a balanced stance so you can make slight adjustments back or forth.  


Beginners are afraid to pearl ( nose dive ), so some are told to put more pressure on the back foot to "keep" the nose up.  I disagree with that advice.  Too much and you stall ( slow down ).  Then later with the weight shift at the bottom, you get bucked off.  


Head over the back foot creates the Reverse Triangle stance.  She wants to go left, but her body is twisting to the right.   


At the bottom of the wave, she compresses and squats.  The head goes more between the feet now. But now she is more leaning than turning.  The Reverse Triangle led to a overly wide stance making her stance stiff and too compressed. 


Yes, there are times when a too light person on a too big board needs to do whatever it takes to turn.  Here she's beginning to come out of the bottom turn,  so she leans waaaaay back.   But her heel comes off the deck, which cuts out power.  


If you are a GLUE FOOT surfer, most likely you'll end up in a REVERSE or FORWARD Triangle stance.  Her foot stays in place so the butt/head has to move back.  It is better to step back with the back foot.  ( holding an invisible wall isn't good either )


Life is 50/50.  Good day / Bad day.  Nice people on the train / Rude people on the train.  Sunny / Rainy.   Same for surfing.  You can't be too forward or too far back.  You can't only go Right, sooner or later on the wave you need to turn Left.    The secret to Life and Surfing is Balance.  Be centered.      (  and don't surf too much too long, you gotta wake up for work tomorrow. )


please check out Phillipine Surf Report on FB and to see more.  



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