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How to Nose Ride ( Lock and the Slice )

If you Nose Ride your surfboard and you are at the front of the board, what is holding down the tail ?


It is not the fin, it is the wave wrapping over the tail of the board creating a LOCK.  But also look at the good noserides where the board SLICES the wave.  


The force of the wave lips crashing over the tail, is the opposing weight that makes it possible for the rider to be on the nose.  ( but notice the slice of the wave the inside rail creates )


Smooth cross stepping and patient timing is critical to good noserides.  She is past the mid point. Notice the Slice starting to form.


Lips breaks over tehe tail.  Slice of the wave's face show the strong pressure to the inside rail.


You don't need big waves to noseride.  You can get a strong Lock even in shin high waves.  


Look at the Slice made as almost the whole length of the board is Locked down. 


Good Noseriders know where and when to be on the wave.  


The thing about the LOCK and SLICE is you the rider, can not see it.   YOU have to feel it.  

( that's why it good to have someone take photos or videos of you surfing )


Please check out to see more LOCK and SLICE

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