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How to deal with Drop Ins

As surfing is getting more and more popular, the surf spots are getting more crowded.  Drop Ins , when surfer gets on the wave infront of another surfer who has already caught the wave, are bound to happen.  

The rider with the Black jersey ( my friend Tracy ) is already on the wave going Right.

The rider in the Red jersey is Dropping In going Left.   A collision is about to happen.


From a different camera angle, you can see how close the boards come together.  Tracy reaches out to grab the yellow board.


I don't what exactly happened, but I think the nose of the board pearled and spun and Tracy kept the rotating the board over. 


Luckily, the boards did not hit and nobody got hurt.  


Points to note:

1) In the 1st photo you can see the Red jersey rider's legs are spread out wide, dug into the water.

2) She is not paddling, but doing a death grab to the rails.

3) She is not looking around, but just focused directly in front of herself.


For beginners,  

1) Take a lesson from instructor who can actually surf 

2) Learn the wave and the motion of the ocean

3) Learn and look for who has priority on a wave.

4) Learn how to paddle correctly to get on a wave AND how to control your board to STOP when needed.

5)  If you do Drop In,  apologize immediately and offer to pay for any damages you may have caused. 


For Intermediates,

1)  Drop Ins WELL happen.

2)  Scan the break and looks for the beginner/Newbies to watch out for.

3)  Notice what side the Leash cord is on.  If it on their right foot, the usually go to the Right.  Left foot, they usually go Left, so make sure you are not going towards them. 

4)  Spot possible Drop Ins before you catch the wave.  And be ready to pull off the wave.  


Drop Ins are dangerous and sometimes costly.  But inevitable, they are bound to happen.  Have fun surfing but be safe and considerate of others.   



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