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It's HIP to turn backside

Turning back side, some surfers lead with their hip.  Sometimes its for STYLE, sometimes its for PERFORMANCE, sometimes its a bad habit.


Here she leading with the HIP to lean the board into the wave.


Before the wave closes out, she widens her stance and angles her board the opposite way.  Head still centered over the deck.  


Here she turning from the middle of her board with a very narrow stance.  ( notice her front foot is rolling on its side )


She notices the wave closing out and straightens her back ( but does not step back )


Wave gets too step and she is not far enough back on the board.  She arches back but it's too late. ( body line does not match the deck and her head gets behind her feet )


His HIP is sticking way out.  That's to give that extra last bit of power into the turn. Shoulders in-line with the strong bodyline.


Watch out for this:  When both hands goes back, the HIP goes forward.    


Again another powerful snap, with the HIP really pushing thru to the back foot.  ( notice the shoulders in-line with the powerful bodyline )


Here her shoulders are going beyond line as she's past the apex of the turn.  Strong body line from head to feet thru the board.  


There's Stylish hip turns, Peformance hip turns and Bad habits that makes turning you board more difficult.  Which ones are you doing ?  


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